Advance Driving Skills


Don’t just take our word for it.

Yunus Miah


Thanks to Nurul, I passed within a week. No word of a lie FANTASTIC instructor I would reccomend, very helpful, very attentive, never shouts always makes you understand, very happy with the service .


Tom Vu


I was very pleased to have passed my test comfortably thanks to Shofiq. His excellent method of teaching not only ensured that I could be good enough to pass the driving test, but also allowed me to become a confident driver on the road. He was also very calm and supportive through and through.
I would highly recommend Shofiq to anyone who is looking for an experienced driving instructor.


Shayeeb Ali


My driving instructor, Nurul Islam, was recommended by both friends and family. He is an excellent instructor who teaches you in depth. I especially love the fact that he kept making me practice what I was weak at repeatedly until I got it perfect. For example, I was quite weak with roundabouts and he made me perfect it. I passed with Nurul and couldn’t have done it without him. I recommend him to everyone who is looking to do lessons.


Shamima Yasmin


Best instructor learnt a lot with the few lesson I had taken with him where as with my old instructor was taking lessons from him for a year and didn’t learn anything. Built my confidence in driving and just amazed as to how easy and quickly he has taught me everything. Very patient and like the way his teaching skills are when something is not understood, very good at explaining and does not get angry or shout when mistakes are made. Would definitely recommend.


Shahmina Miah


Amazing instructor who made me come out of my comfort zone and made me confident enough to pass my test first time around.

Rubaiyat Shaharin Moin


Shafiq is a dedicated and sincere person. He teach me everything step by step. His teaching method helped me a lot to pass the exam in first attempt. I would highly recommend him specifically people like me who had no previous experience of driving any vehicle. Moreover he is very FLEXIBLE always managed to allocate time according to my needs.

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